Polish Fest – Milwaukee – 2016

I was lucky enough to make some Polish friends this year and they are like my second family. Of course, I had to check out PolishFest to have some sausage, sauerkraut, and some vodka!

Everything was white and red and there were Polish flags everywhere. I was greeted by a mini polka band and a lot of booths with information on Polish culture. There was even a stage featuring a Chopin piano competition.

Photo Jun 19, 15 56 26

It was a warm day and people cooled down on the benches and picnic tables, which is where I had my Polish sausage with sauerkraut on a bun served with chive fries. There was even a Pierogi Truck!

I checked out the kids stage where my friends had a daughter in the pageant. It was amazing seeing all the different colors on the dresses and asking what the colors meant. This was a special year as it was the 35th anniversary!
There was also an amazing non-stop polka stage, which requires no explanation! It was a great way to people watch and hear some great classic polkas…and see the effect of the vodka!
Photo Jun 19, 15 07 3311425762_1100325749981182_2125135789388985410_n
I couldn’t leave the land of red and white without sipping on some tasty Chopin Vodka. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I used Uber to get to the festival!
Photo Jun 19, 15 09 16 Photo Jun 19, 15 11 19 Photo Jun 19, 15 12 38 Photo Jun 19, 15 12 54
I’m still working on my Polish! Do zobaczenia za rok!
13506987_1368750573138697_2252449818333408452_n Photo Jun 19, 14 40 53 Photo Jun 19, 15 05 55   Photo Jun 19, 15 16 40

Photo Jun 19, 15 17 41

Polish Pottery

Photo Jun 19, 15 53 59