Shortest dissertation for a phd

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shortest dissertation for a phd
Ever seen the film A Beautiful Mind? The mathematician that film was based on, John Nash, has one of the shortest PhD dissertations ever published: ‘Non-Cooperative Games’. It has a grand total of 26 pages, and only cites two references. That thesis went on to found the basis for his paper on

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Shortest Phd Thesis shortest phd thesis Aug 31, 2009 While his classmates struggled to solve a simple mathematical problem, Tathagat Avatar Tulsi would solve it in a jiffy.

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shortest online doctoral programs
What are the shortest PhD programs? PhD students take 2 years of coursework followed by a further 2 years of work on a dissertation.

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The shortest Phd thesis Ive not finished my dissertation, it will be interesting to see the length of the PhD thesis of the people that claims that the

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Shortest phd thesis

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Also,phd research proposal politics Shortest Dissertation For A Phd how to write a research proposal for phd who can help me create a business planWant to know more?

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